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Furever Friends owner and founder Mary Perez, a.k.a. The Pet Nanny, shares tips and information on topics related to your furry family members!

Five reasons dogs need fresh water daily

It may seem obvious to many pet owners: give your dog clean and fresh water every day.  Just in case you occasionally forget to change your pup’s water, or don’t take the time to always rinse out his bowl, here are 5 reasons why you should make fresh water a healthy priority.   

Reason #1.  Nasty bacteria can grow in dirty water bowls.  It’s best to get in a habit of washing the water bowl every day and filling it up with fresh, clean H20.  

Reason #2.  Bowls that scratch easily can harbor bacteria or nasty organisms in the scratches.  The best type of water bowl you can use is a scratch-resistant, stainless steel dish.  

Reason #3.  If you won’t drink your tap water, then neither should your dog!  Those harmful deposits that can be found in tap water are just as harmful to animals as they are to humans.  Give your dog clean water that’s free of toxins.

Reason #4.  Replenish your dog or cat’s water supply several times a day.  Trust me, they’ll love you more for it!  Especially when it’s a hot day and you give them some fresh, clean, and cold water to drink!  

Reason #5. Contaminated water (pool water, muddy water, puddle water, toilet water) can make your dog sick.  Just because they may eat food out of your garbage can doesn’t mean they can drink garbage water.  Keep a fresh bowl of water outside available for them to drink while they play, so they won’t go searching for water elsewhere.  

(Adapted from The American Dog Magazine, Summer 2012) 

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